Ziyou (Freedom)

Year: 2018
Category: Motion
Title: Ziyou (Freedom)
On the surface, ÔZiyouÕ was a story about an individual overcoming the challenges of her own culture and family traditions, but in actuality it was something much more. It was a universal story about the will of an individual to carve a path that is genuine to the innermost values by which we live. To me, her story represented the true meaning of ÔfreedomÕ.
Goh Iromoto

Roles: Goh Iromoto Director / Cinematographer: Goh Iromoto Producer: Yves Ma Executive Producers: David BŽlanger & Meriko Kubota Editor: Tom Mountain Jr Colourist: Jason Zukowski Camera Assistant & Gaffer: Abe Roberto Sound Recordist: Courtney Boyd Re-recording Mixer & Sound Editor: Joe Barrucco & Kristopher Laflamme Graphics & VFX: Jay Smith Composer: Andrew Seistrup