The Storyfire: Learning to Listen

As the editor of a national magazine, you get a lot of article pitches. Most of them are easily dismissed. Some of them are out-and-out PR. I never print that stuff. Some of them are oddly inappropriate, clearly the result of a shotgun approach to targeting. And some of them are right out of left field.

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Five Minutes with Jeremy Leung

This is the one visual element that can be seen throughout Jeremy Leung’s work. The New York-based illustrator says these lines have been a part of his repertoire for the past ten years.

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Pi Co. vs. Pizza Forno

Coming out of a meeting in Toronto last week to forage for food, my colleagues and I found ourselves in the middle of a kind of pizza vortex. On one side of the street, embedded in a wall was a fresh new automated pizza machine (or vending machine) branded ‘Pizza Forno’. It promised ‘artisanal’ pizza in 3 minutes for about fifteen bucks.”

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