Snack by McMillan Offers Bite Sized Agency Services

 Snack by McMillan offers an Uberized process for one-off creative agency projects.

Introduced today, Snack by McMillan will provide clients interested in quick turnaround projects across the agency spectrum with an alternative to the traditional agency experience. Snack plans to adopt Uber-like qualities over the next year and offer e-commerce payment options, online project brief submission, online project tracking, and other low-touch, value-add services.

Snack seeks to tap into the immediacy of contemporary culture. According to Pierre Paul, McMillan’s CEO, “We’re adapting to an Uberized, Netflixed and Airbnb’d market. Snack by McMillan is a new way of engaging with clients as we bring distinct, real-time value with fast-cycle production that meets their business needs.”

While the idea may be novel, McMillan has a history in the industry and has made a name for itself by working with clients like Intuit, Trend Micro, United Rentals, Hitachi, DFIN, Tesla, and Unify.

Ideal projects for Snack include digital production, video and animation, event experience design, and execution for brand and campaign elements. McMillan is already working with brands in this capacity, but with Snack, the agency can offer turnkey and affordable solutions for one-off projects.


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