In Wade Hudson Portraiture, Subjects Shine

Wade Hudson portraiture is sharp and clean; through his understanding and use of light, his raw and seemingly effortless aesthetic allows his subjects to shine.



Born and raised in Jamaica and currently living in Toronto, Hudson is a graduate of Humber College’s photography program. With an impressive list of clients including Def Jam Island Recordings, New Balance, Samsung, The Body Shop, Converse and Wired UK to name a few, Hudson balances his predominantly portraiture work of commissioned brand, beauty, and artists shots with his work featuring individuals of his native Jamaica.

The common identifying thread in Hudson’s work is the delicate balance of simple images with his ability to capture the aspects of a subject’s personality. Hudson self describes his style as “honest and personal”, noting his desire to create a connection with a subject, tangible in his portraiture. While contemporary smartphones and social media platforms such as Instagram have created the overnight “professional photographer”, Hudson’s connection to his work stands out among the crowd.


With the democratisation of social media and the positive exposure contemporary social media platforms can provide, Hudson notes how the oversaturation of images on Instagram can hinder the creative process, often devaluing the cost and creativity of the photography practice. Instead, he prefers print media and the tactile and in some ways scarcity that it can provide. As social media becomes more ingrained in contemporary culture, Hudson’s thought seems to be echoed by many modern creatives.

So what can we expect next from Hudson? In his own words:

“…shooting what he wants – interesting faces, interesting people…Creating a body of work that lives on… moving pictures.”

Lucky for his us, under the “motion” section of his website, Wade Hudson’s directorial debut is available to watch. And it does not disappoint.

See more of Wade Hudson’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram.