Mitchell Press Illustrates Desert Island Songs

It’s a question we’ve all been asked before “what is your desert island song?” From cocktail party chatter to the countless Spotify playlists teaming the web and the BBC’s Desert Island Discs radio program – the question has been discussed relentlessly. Now, thanks to Burnaby-based Mitchell Press, the question has taken a more visually-pleasing turn.

The latest project from Mitchell’s ‘Design Teams’ series is a collaboration between 12 artists, writers and musicians who illustrated their one desert island song. Each illustration is accompanied by a written rationale and is presented together in a book titled ‘A Mixtape for a Desert Island’



Led by creative director and illustrator John Belisle the project is also accompanied by an Itunes playlist, 9 posters and a website. “At Mitchell, we are super excited about these collaborations. This is one way we can show our love and appreciation of graphic design, show our chops a bit, spread positivity, and shine a light on real talent in our design community,” says Scott Gray, VP of Marketing at Mitchell.



The likes of Rowland Salley, Tom Wilson and Bob Masse (and more) list and explore artists such as Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell and the Talking Heads. Read on to see each poster.