Advertising Awards Judges Work: DDB Canada


Continuing with our showcase of our 2018 Advertising Awards judges work, we arrive at Dean Lee, ECD at DDB Canada in Vancouver. Dean shares his latest campaign for Emerald Health.

Designing a campaign for a cannabis company is all about navigating the many regulations the industry faces. If you’re wondering how to work within these rules without losing creativity, take a cue from DDB Canada’s latest campaign.

“The current regulations effectively prevent cannabis companies from promoting cannabis, so instead of promoting Emerald’s products we decided to connect the brand with one of the most prevalent needs of cannabis users – better sleep,” says Neil Shapiro, GCD of DDB.



Enter, a website filled with content designed to help people fall asleep. Visitors to slumbr are served a variety of sleeping tips and tricks and a large selection of dry videos designed to lull people to sleep, including a video series featuring the most boring man in the world. Users can drift off while watching him participate in a range of boring activities; playing solitaire, eating soup, folding laundry, there’s even a video of him boiling an egg. The site itself is so targeted towards insomniacs that it’s only accessible between midnight and 6:00 am. Exactly when those people need the most help.



“The Slumbr campaign creatively created a halo effect that familiarizes people with the company and benefits the entire Emerald Health Therapeutics brand.” – Dean Lee, executive creative director.