Featuring Highlights the World of Kidz


To get a brand to reflect children and their lives, you must enter their world. For the newest project for children’s clothing brand Electrik Kidz, Featuring does just that.

Electrik Kidz is a Montreal-based clothing brand that specializes in children’s clothing and accessories for kids aged 0-8 years-old. The opening of their flagship store on Saint-Laurent Blvd. in Montreal represented a turning point for the company and so they needed something to mark it with.



This is where Featuring comes in. Tasked with the challenge of creating a brand identity and platform for the company, Featuring took a step back into the nostalgic world of children.

The main component of the campaign is six photos (created with LM Chabot) that show children in their own lives. Think playgrounds, swings and hopscotch. Each child is decked out in Electrik Kidz clothing with bright candy-coloured hues. The portraits take inspiration from comic books, games and a child’s imagination.



According to their website, Electrik Kidz is an “edgy and clever clothing brand that gets inspiration from the childhood of a new generation of parents.” This line is reflected throughout Featuring’s campaign, including the creation of a new logo, cards, shopping bags and a lookbook.


-Sabrina Gamrot